As athletes, we strongly believe in "look good, feel good, play good, do good".

The initial goal was to design a clothing line that differentiates athletes from the rest of the world. Clothing that we want to wear as athletes because it's clean, comfortable, and simply unique.

As athletes, we know that leading by example is such a powerful mantra, and it is responsibility that we never take lightly. Which is why we focus our efforts on giving back by donating a % of every profit to inner city youth sports programs across the country.

ON THE LINE is a growing team of current and retired athletes that want to be a part of something bigger.The designs are simple and the red kite logo is something you earn, as a reminder that all your hard work, both in and out of sports has made you who you are today, and that is badass. You're not just the average Joe at the gym, you've accomplished a lot, and you train to perform -- Once an athlete, always an athlete.